First week after the launch of HandbagsbyHelen

On Apr 14, 2013

Since hand crafted Mon was exactly where my running a blog very first began, it appeared only to start my Web site Right here final Mon too. I actually want to say a large thanks to everybody who frequented my Web site, created a comment, discussed on what ever way you supported....
thanks!  With your assist I accomplished a self-set focus on of 50 remarks on my blog. Which indicates 1 fortunate individual is likely to obtain 1 of my totes.

So, everybody's title has eliminated into a cap (literally! - oh, I know I could have utilized a arbitrary quantity generator, but I'm just a little bit traditional I guess).

And the champion is.....
Make sure you decrease me a collection Gill to tell me which tote you would like.

There have been a handful of other attractions in the build-up to the Web site start. I went to 300 enjoys on, who would have believed when I began just more than 12 Several weeks ago!?

**** quit push **** newest revise is 330 enjoys - because of the beautiful Charlotte now more than at A small Birdie informed Me. Make sure you quit by her myspace web page and Have a Take a look at all her fairly makes.

And.......1 of my totes is because of Function in stitching globe journal - can't Keep in mind if I discussed that before. But I'm so excited.

And I experienced my very first fee (well, very first if you leave out my mother and her friends!).

Anyway, off and away to reveal the great feelings round the remainder of the beautiful writers on hand crafted Mon.