Handmade handbags - It started with a (vintage) dress!

On Apr 12, 2013

Bit of a alter for this days handmade Monday. I believed it was an enjoyable experience I arrived Thoroughly clean about exactly where this stitching handbags malarkey all began.

My curiosity about stitching only truly began when I marry in 2010. I understood when my then sweetheart suggested that I wouldn't be very resolved till I discovered the correct Gown. You see, i'm not truly a Gown individual - much more a Denim jeans kind-of-gal. So the concept of 1) to be the center of interest and 2) to be the center of interest although putting on a lengthy whitened Gown, stuffed me with fear!

But then I began taking a look at classic attire (I'd usually cherished the 50's: elegance Kelly, Audrey Hepburn). I cherished the concept of some thing leg duration and in a 1950's style.

But all over the place I looked, all I could get in my budget variety experienced been lengthy, bustier numbers. Just not me at all! So, Even though i'd not utilized a stitching device for years, and By no means created any clothing I chose to purchase a classic Design to make my personal. each an enjoyable experience I researched 'classic Gown', the pictures I was attracted to experienced been usually by the Exact same custom - Ceil Chapman.

I lastly handled discovered this Design.....
....and proceeded to go together to a close by Town Corridor exactly where I'd noticed there experienced been every 7 days stitching courses. I'll usually Keep in mind entering the top course and viewing Many individuals producing drapes & cushioning covers. I tentatively requested if they do attire - the teachers response; 'Just as lengthy as it's not a wedding ceremony Gown' - uh oh! 10 days later, and with the assistance of some beautiful, beautiful, individual girls I lastly experienced my Gown created.

material for Gown £40
Fee for courses £3 each 7 days (+ 20p for coffee)
Ticket for the every 7 days stitching course raffle £1
Experience of producing my personal Gown, with the assistance of a beautiful couple of girls - priceless!

My dependence on material and stitching experienced begun. And my classic insect didn't truly hold on there either. My newest buy is this stunning stitching device.

It hasn't very created it to the Extra bed room yet. At minimum sitting on the sideboard I can nevertheless appreciate it!